EPICS Downloads

Observatory Sciences has written several EPICS record, device and driver Support modules. All software is available for download as gzipped tar files:

  • The asynSSH EPICS module provides a serial based asynDriver for SSH. Ready to use with StreamDevice, the driver uses the open-source libssh2 library to handle the secure SSH-2 protocol.

    VersionEPICS BaseFile DownloadDocsDate

  • The genSub EPICS record was written to provide a general, flexible method to call a C subroutine from an EPICS record, without the limitations of the original EPICS subroutine record.

    VersionEPICS BaseFile DownloadDocs

  • Device and Driver support for the Xycom-9660 IP Carrier Board, Xycom-2440, Xycom-2445 and Xycom-5320 I/O modules.

    VersionEPICS BaseFile DownloadDocs

  • Driver support for the VMIC VME-5588 reflective memory card.

    Download software and documentation >

  • Driver support for a set of EPICS records that implement the Gemini Command Layer.

    Download software and documentation >
16th October 2014
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16th July 2014
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18th July 2013
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